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Books, books, books…

Oh, the ecstasy and agony of books! If you’re like our family, you can’t live without them, but you also can’t find enough room for them. Over the past months of upheaval in living arrangements, finding room for people has taken precedence over making room for our library. It was never really the same after

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Geneva Melody Heidmann - Spring Studio Recital 051516 screenshot

World Premier!

I wish I could give you a moment-by-moment account of Geneva’s spring recital this afternoon, but alas, I cannot. Anyone who has ever had children of widely varying ages knows the reality of having to juggle who will stay home with the small ones. We can’t all do everything, so we learn to take turns.

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Easter Party

Easter being so very early this year, we were able to celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa before they left to return to the land of the Frozen North. Jon and Jess invited us all out to their east valley acreage for a day of festivities. There, we had plenty of time and space for the

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Birthday Girl

Our birthday girl turned two year’s old in March, and it there was much rejoicing around our table as we celebrated together. Have a look!  

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Road Trip!

With a growing family including 10 kids plus miscellaneous other persons, it became incredibly unwieldy to travel anywhere with 3 vehicles. We decided in March to pare down the vehicular redundancy by consolidating. I researched the options in the large van market, and kept coming back to Nissan’s NV3500 – it had all the bells

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Mission San Xavier del Bac – March 2016

We saved the best of our site seeing for Vicki’s last day in town, and zipped down to Tuscon on Friday morning to visit the beautiful historic site of the Mission San Xavier del Bac. We learned while there that the parish continues to this day ministering to the people of the Tohono O’odham Nation.

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Westgate Car Show

Having properly feted my hubby’s birthday with dinner at Pei Wei, Vicki and I decided to head over to Westgate to see if we could take some pix of the night life, fountains, and sparkly lights. What we didn’t count on was finding a huge car show in full swing when we arrived, complete with

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Dobbins Lookout, March 2016

On the evening of March 3rd (which happened to be my esteemed husband’s birthday!), we took advantage of our in-house babysitting crew to manage the littles while Vicki, Paul and I took a little jaunt up South Mountain in hopes of getting some epic sunset photos. It turned out to be a very overcast evening,

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Butterfly Wonderland, 2016

This was Efrain’s and my second trip to the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, but the first visit for the little girls and for Vicki. So many beautiful creatures! We arrived right at opening time, thinking we would beat the rush, only to find that some schools had also planned a field trip there at the

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White Tanks Waterfall Trail

Backing up to review our wonderful week of Vicki, here are pics from the day we hiked the Waterfall Trail at White Tank Mountain Regional Park. It was a gorgeous day, and the trail was accessible enough for the little ones and for me (and for Paul who hupped the baby on his back with

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Peeking out from under my rock…

It’s been more than a month, hasn’t it… Yep. Feb. 2 was my last post. I can’t even begin to think about catching up right now, either. There’s just too much, and I am so very keyed in right now to what is going on inside my home. Let me try, so so briefly, to

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