Author: Annette Heidmann


Thing ONE: My Vicki has arrived. This means I am going to be busy having fun for the next week. It may also mean I have a coronary from all the laugh...

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Nettie s World Photography

  I’ve been wanting to find a platform for displaying my photos and after doing a little research, I decided to give SmugMug a try. I’...

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Feeling Smug


Churchpop reports: Islamic State militants in Libya recently beheaded 21 Coptic Christians who had been kidnapped. The Christians’ last words? “...

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On our last day of this holiday weekend, Paul again took the family on a little walk-about. This time we met up with the Grands at Dreamy Draw Park. I...

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Ahh Valentines day – the day of hearts and roses and poetry and sweet tarts! Our holiday weekend started off with a bang on Friday evening with...

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Valentines Day 2015

Kathleen Newton At the Piano - James Tissot, 1881

From this afternoon, a couple of tunes with a four-year-old who likes to sing these songs, whether at church, at home, or riding in the van. The long ...

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Train up a child…


We received some oversized citrus fruit yesterday from Grandpa and Grandma. Their epic size demanded a photo shoot.  ...

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