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Mid-Morning Tea

Oh yes, we are so very posh. Laurent, Ellie and Lyssa put together the most delightful tea this morning, and Oma and I were lucky enough to be invited. They not only let me snap photos, I even got to have a wee sandwich, some fruit, and my choice of green tea or black, with or

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Grease Monkey!

From Glamour Shots to Grease Monkey, Megan does it all with style. Saturday her dad talked her through the process of changing the oil on her little yellow VW-Bug, Miss Molly. She most certainly earned the title – it was a very greasy job! I’m so proud of all the things my girls try (and master)… the

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Evening at the Park

While I made dinner one night this week, Dad took a bunch of the kids to a nearby park to wander around and look at the geese. Since I’ve been under the weather and couldn’t really leave the house lest I hack up a lung, I sent along my camera, and they ever so kindly

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In which I try new things with limited success

Another episode in my long, painfully slow saga of becoming a decent photographer. In this episode, I set up my new equipment. I recently acquired a set of light boxes, a backdrop stand, and three backdrops – white, black, and grey watercolor; a Yongnuo 560 IV flash and transmitter, some reflectors and an umbrella. I surmised that these

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Wandering through the fog

There’s inevitably a certain degree of mental fog that is part and parcel of having a newborn in the house and sleeping in 2 hour stretches. I’m already a bit of a flaky, flighty, flibbertigibbet, and this new person thrown into the mix just compounds the problem. This past week I have wandered out the

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Excuse me while I kiss this guy…

This has been a busy week of running to the hospital over and over in hopes that our Baby Ruben would be released, only to find that no, he’s not quite ready. The concerns revolved around his O2 sats primarily, and as he was premature, they just favored caution. So Tuesday we went to the

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Raising them right…

No wonder Efrain couldn’t get to sleep – these were ALL in his bed! The rest of the kids are pulling similar shenanigans, all thanks to four boxes of books Megan brought home from SSJ Aftercare, donated by her wonderful boss, Lynn! Blessed are we!!

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You know what they say, “At the end of the day…”

“At the end of the day,” “when all is said and done,” “this is where the rubber meets the road.” No matter how many meltdowns and extreme scream-fests there are in a day, God is gracious and gives us these precious moments, which are little reminders of his love.  

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Yesterday, after dropping Efrain at his first day of Pre-K at Ss. Simon and Jude, I made a trek to north Phoenix, an area I have barely even touched in the nearly two decades we’ve lived in Arizona. I had a mission: to find the Archway Classical Academy, and meet up with our friend Jen,

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Starting School

Oh the anticipation that has filled our home as we prepared for this new adventure – sending our first little one off to Pre-K! As a veteran home educator of going on 19 years, I never expected this day to come. I wouldn’t have considered it an option if our oldest two hadn’t spent the

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Well, I have a few minutes left before the end of today, so if I’m quick I’ll get this in before the pumpkin hour. Ooo, pumpkin… pumpkin spice… pumpkin pie… pumpkin latte… but I digress.   Today was filled with firsts: the first day of school for my 2nd graders and 3rd grader… the first

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