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Blessed be the Name of the Lord

It’s a mom thing that we do, we mom-bloggers – we like to brag on our kids. When they get a great new job, or score well on an exam, get their dream part in a play, etc. And I love reading other mom’s brag-posts! It is truly a delight to rejoice with those who

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Giving Thanks

Our family time this year was altered slightly by a mis-hap and a misunderstanding. Earlier this week, Grandma Pat took a tumble off her bike and cracked a rib, and unsurprisingly, the aftermath of her accident kept her home from the gathering today. Grandpa was able to make it for a while though, and for that

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Ain’t it Grand!

Tis the season for family gatherings – the Grands have arrived back in Arizona! The weekend prior to this past, we had our first whoop-de-do since they got here, to celebrate JT’s 18th birthday. It was relaxed and fun hanging out and having a good old fashioned KFC chicken dinner, with baked potatoes, salsa, nacho

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Halloween 2016

There’s really not a lot to say about Halloween. We went with what I call the “Minimalist Superhero” theme, capes, masks, and of course, a bucket for each. The evening was well spent wandering around the neighborhood with Dad, while I sat in my traditional spot as candy distributor at the end of the driveway.

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Autumn on the Carrizo

The last part of the afternoon on Saturday was divided between some shooting for Jake, Daddy and Laurent, and finally, one more hike down to the Carrizo Wash, this time all the way down to let the kids play and run and slide down dirt hills and climb through culverts and find forts amongst the

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While sightseeing with the kiddos along the ranch roads and looking for the best vantage points to see the pretty golden foliage, the kids were looking at other things. I was outside the van for just a moment at one point, when they started hollering from inside about something. I came back to try to

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While the board members were meeting at our cabin on Saturday morning, I thought it prudent to remove the hoard of children from the immediate vicinity and take them on a little sightseeing tour of the ranch. I had noted when we drove in on Friday that the salt cedars in the Carrizo Wash were

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Of Bugs ‘N’ Campfires

Our weekend at the ranch was timed to coincide with a Carrizo Ranch Association board meeting. Since Paul is president of the association, it falls to him to schedule and host the meetings, and he’d scheduled this one for Saturday morning at our cabin. This was our first time bringing little Ruben to the ranch, and

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Little Richard

Over the weekend up at the ranch with the family, a rite of passage occurred. My husband has for some years been the proud owner of a Marlin .22 bolt action rifle that was first owned by his grandfather, Richard Heidmann. Richard passed it on to his son Fred, who passed it on to Paul, who

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Mid-Morning Tea

Oh yes, we are so very posh. Laurent, Ellie and Lyssa put together the most delightful tea this morning, and Oma and I were lucky enough to be invited. They not only let me snap photos, I even got to have a wee sandwich, some fruit, and my choice of green tea or black, with or

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