A Very Merry Birthday

I cannot start a new year without properly finishing off the last one, and a proper finish means celebrating Jacob’s birthday.

Two days after Christmas my son achieved the span of fourteen years, and his present was to spend much of the day laboring with his dad (and Megan) on a large wood-working project.

Ever since the bunks were built in the girly room, there has been a certain inequity apparent, particularly when Jacob had his buddy Peter staying overnight and he had to sleep on couch cushions on the floor.

This birthday presented the opportunity to correct that imbalance in the universe, and provide Jacob with appropriate accommodations for his frequent guests.

When it was all put together there was MUCH rejoicing and Junior and Jacob had to climb up top and wrestle about some to break it in.

The perfect way to finish off the birthday was watching part One of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Extended Edition), a Christmas present from Uncle Jeff that had just arrived that day.

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Jacob’s “real” party was held on Sunday, when five of the Jezeks came over after church and there was much Doctor Who, Minecraft, cheesecake and pizza, whipped cream antics, and Hobbit watching the rest of the evening as well as the following morning (for of course they stayed over, girls in the girly bunks, and boys on the other side of the house in the boy bunks).

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It was a truly memorable 14th birthday for The Boy!!

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