And the winner is…

Late morning yesterday, my students joined me for our “daily constitutional” and we walked to a nearby McDonald’s for a spot of lunch and some exertion in the play land for the wee lad.

When we returned home, the brisk scent of pine cleaner tingled the nostrils when we opened the door, and via the sweeping, mopping, Christmas-tree deconstructing, and creative furniture arranging of Super-Meg, the living room had been transformed. Megan is truly wonderwoman when she sets her mind to a task.  (Also, she is excruciatingly bored with her extended vacation from college, and is thinking of housekeeping tasks to keep herself occupied. I can’t say I object terribly strenuously to this behavior! Lol!)

I miss my sparkly tree a little, but welcome the return of open space and light pouring in through both my living room windows. And now we are ready to have piano-organ duet concerts in our parlor! I am content.

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2 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. paulyho39

    I really like that picture of the living room…it was fun and interesting to wat ch Megan contemplate the placement of the different pieces of furniture as she worked on it! What a girl!

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