Bonus – Car Show!

Those of you who know my love for classic automobiles will understand when I say that upon arriving at McDonalds with the family for lunch after our adventure in the Butterfly Wonderland, when I looked out the window and saw that there was a giant car show going on in the adjacent parking lot, I almost cried for joy.  I could not, in that moment, have decided what was more wonderful, the butterfly high I was still riding, or the cacophony of chrome and color out there on the pavement, sparkling in the sunlight.  Joy upon joys! All I could think was ‘O great glory and splendour! And all my wishes have come true!’ (– Sam Gamgee, in The Field of Cormallen, Return of the King)

I did not, however, go out into the sunshine and take pictures immediately, though strong was the impulse so to do.  We had our luncheon, and afterwards I sent the camera out with Geneva, who had forgotten hers and thus had not been able to take any pictures of the butterflies. I knew she would get some great shots, and sure enough, she did me proud.  These are all hers, with minor edits by moi.

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