A New Toy

This past few weeks have borne more automobile related frustrations than I could enumerate.  They came to a head on Thursday when a disastrous sound emanated from the rear wheel of the car whenever the speed rose above 20mph.  Paul had no time to evaluate it until Saturday morning, and our transportation to Sun Lakes was very much in doubt. I so admire his tenacity though, and his ability to diagnose and then resolve almost any car problem.  He was up early on Saturday and immediately discovered that something had broken off inside the wheel and banged around inside until the brakes were totaled. Off to Auto Zone he went, and had it fixed by noon.  However, we have known ever since Minty Van died that we would have to get something else eventually, something that had air conditioning and a little bit more dependability than the two remaining beaters in our stable.  So, after we got home from Sun Lakes on Saturday, Paul looked online and found a remarkable deal – a 1999 Toyota Sienna with just about 100K miles.  He called right away, but couldn’t do anything that night.  On Sunday, he took off as soon as we got home from church, hoping against hope that someone else hadn’t beaten him to it.  The Lord smiled upon us and we were able to leave a down-payment with the gentleman, and came back today with the remainder of the cash, and I was able to drive home in my new little chariot.  Then, of course, I had the joy of spending a couple of hours of my life at the MVD, but I had to get my driver’s license renewed anyway, so I was at least able to combine all my tasks into one trip.  Anyway.  Here is our new Toy! May it give us many years of joy!

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