Many Meetings

Oh, friends. What a spring in the desert it is to have a visit from a friend!!

I have been away from the keyboard for several days, devoting my time to my dear friend Vicki during her all-too-short five-day visit.  We have spent the time well, catching up on five years in five days.  We went to three movies with Jeff (including a dinner-theater as a farewell on Monday night), shopping at Costco (that was crazy, on a Friday!), went to the final Heidmann Birthday Bash of the season in Sun Lakes on Saturday, church on Sunday, plus our usual kids here in the afternoon, and then a Phoenix Chorale Concert with mom, followed by dinner with fellow concert-goers at Cheesecake Factory, watched 16 or 17 episodes of LOST to make good and sure she was hooked before going home, and of course we talk-talk-talked. So, so good to be with my sister-friend!!

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Now, to recover, get back to a normal schedule around here, and get a little sleep….

One thought on “Many Meetings

  1. paulyho39

    Yes…what fun times….brought back so many memories of bygone days when the “kids” would be together…running out for some movie or other…I was here in my little corner of the world for most of their outings…but even that was fun as I relived past days!

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