Beethoven Choral Fantasy, Jay Hershberger with the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony

I’m so proud to share this performance by my “brother-in-law-once-removed” (well, he’s the BIL of my SIL… I never know what to call it, but he’s FAMILY! 🙂 ), playing Beethoven’s Choral Fanatasy with the Fargo Moorhead Symphony (in which I made eleven years of marvelous musical memories as a violist in my younger years), Bernard Rubenstein conducting.

My only quibble with this vid is that the camera angle doesn’t allow us to see the singers, or the pianist for that matter – but do give a listen to this outstanding performance. Culture is alive and well in the midwest, my friends.


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You can learn more about, and check out the Fargo Moorhead Symphony’s upcoming season finale “FROM LONDON WITH LOVE” featuring violinist CHEE-YUN!

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