Easter Vigil 2014

There is nothing more wondrous and beautiful than to see new life!  Last night, in what was a culmination of many years of labor, love, and prayer, our precious five young people were among the many to receive new life in the waters of Baptism, followed by the gift of the Holy Spirit in the sacrament of Confirmation, and finally, the precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ himself in their very first Holy Communion as new members of the Church.  Words are inadequate to describe the joy I felt to see each one take this step of faith!  Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your mercy and grace!

Here are pics taken by the lovely and gracious Amelia, who helped take care of Junior during the mass and assisted as my photographer.  She was a great blessing last night!

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After the vigil there was a reception for the new members of the church and their families, with cake and lots of pictures. We grabbed a beaming Father Lankeit for a few pics, and then he spotted Joanthony, and the look on his face was priceless – he was entranced!  Perfectly natural reaction if you ask me. 🙂

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Later today, there will be a long awaited party!!!

Thanks be to God – Christ is Risen! Alleluia!! Alleluia!!

One thought on “Easter Vigil 2014

  1. paulyho39

    What great pictures…of a wonderful event! So happy to see all those kids come together into the Church! They are such great kids!…And you, Nettie and Paul, have been with them every step of the way…Thanks be to God for your faithfulness!

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