Paul and I have been extravagantly blessed with the children God has placed in our lives, both our own as well as all the neighborhood kids who are our God-children. It would be impossible to pick any favorites – we love them all so much! But I kind of lie – because there’s Joanthony “Jovi” Gonzales, and I don’t think any of his siblings would feel bad if I said this precious baby is at the top of my list of lovelies. He is truly a miracle, and has already survived tremendous medical challenges in the two years since he was born.  Every day is another chance to beat the odds for this little fighter! Jovi is happy, smiley, loving, energetic (sometimes more than is good for him!) and has all kinds of attitude – and he is simply a bringer of joy.  We had so much fun with him on Sunday when he and his mama joined us and all the kids at church and then back at our house afterward. He is learning to walk — something they said he would never do! He’s determined to prove the doctors wrong.  🙂

I hope you will remember Jovi and his mama Joann in your prayers.  He is fighting a great battle every day — wont you join me in fighting it with him before the throne of our Heavenly Father?

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