Accomplishments a la bullet points

A proper list of things I accomplished this week might include the following:

  • Some school with my high schoolers;
  • Lots of reading to the toddler;
  • Managing my life from the Kindle while my PC was out of commission (again);
  • Went to see a doctor;
  • Took various kids to various appointments;
  • Went back to the doctor for more tests;
  • Did a mighty shopping trip;
  • Went to the vigil mass for the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Got mom off to Minnesota early Friday morning;
  • Finished copious amounts of paperwork for our final foster care licensing class;
  • Went to the class;
  • FINISHED THE CLASS and got our certificates!!
  • Purchased a very cool little book;
  • Said goodbye to our new pup, Albi, who, though sweet and gentle with everyone in the family, could not accept that Gwinny was the boss, and sent her on her way to a new and loving home where she could be top dog;
  • Began the tedious process of reinstalling software and passwords on my computer, newly restored to Windows 7
  • Began my packing list for my trip
  • Colored my hair

Now off to bed with me, and I shall dream of sunlight shimmering across waving heads of golden grass.

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