Things Junior Likes

Today he first came running with the Holy Water; he has always loved to be blessed with Holy Water, usually at bedtime, but pretty much any time of day. ¬†I believe he has poured the entire bottle out on himself more than once… ūüôā ¬†This little bottle was given to Jeff by one of his fellow parishioners¬†who visited Lourdes.

Then he ran back and got the St.¬†Francis triptych that Laurent brought back from Assisi¬†for her godfather, Uncle Jeff, and wanted to know all about it. ¬†It is small and just fits his hands. ¬†Well, he’ll learn much more about that great saint some day. ¬†For now, he is content to know that it is St. Francis, with two angels. ¬†And tomorrow he will ask me again, and I will tell him again. ¬†I am re-learning the great truth of life so often recited by Pastor Steve Rutt back in our Westfork Church days:

Repetition is Essential.

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