Another Ball!

One of the slightly frustrating aspects of having young adults in the household, is the fact that sometimes their social calendars conflict with family plans. That was true for Megan this Thanksgiving break. We had planned to zip up to the ranch on Friday for a little fun during holiday break time when both our college girls could come along (all too rare these days) — only to discover that the Victorian Christmas Ball was scheduled for that Saturday, and as Megan had been invited to join another family in attending, we had to resign ourselves to losing her sparkling and vivacious presence to the Kilcups this time around.

It came down to the week before the ball (Thanksgiving week) when we were sure she was going to attend, and we had to find a dress.  Many young ladies who do this every year have acquired numerous period dresses, while others rent from costume shops or the theater costume department. We hoped we could get by just a little less expensively, so we set out for the thrift stores to see what we could find.  We must have gone to 4 or 5 stores before we finally hit one with some formal gowns, and ended up coming home with two options for a grand total of $15. Not bad! The gown she settled on was a little showy in the back, so I quick hopped on Amazon and one-day shipped a nice looking, sparkly black bolero and some lace gloves to complete the ensemble. Not 100% Victorian (well, about 0%), but I thought she looked quite lovely indeed. In the end, however, as she was prepping and primping and putting on her finery, the sequins began to shed, and she had to do a last minute wardrobe substitution. Thanks be to God for BFF Bethany! 🙂

I’m so delighted Megan could attend a fancy dance with her good friends. One day maybe I will attend just so I can play photographer (cuz from the looks of their dances, I’m doubtful I could get up the energy to join in a jig, even at my fittest!).  Here are a few of my photos from home before we left town, and a few from the ball that I shamelessly stole from Facebook. (Thank you, Kilcups! 😉 )


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