Phonics, here we come!

One of my favorite things about home schooling has always been this Phonics program. I’ve looked back wistfully upon the early reading phase these many years, and never dreamed I would get the chance to do it again. So tonight, when I ordered a brand new Sing, Spell, Read and Write Kindergarten/1st Grade combo kit from Rainbow Resource Center, I was positively giddy!!

I’ve looked at other highly recommended programs, but bottom line, every one of my kids loved this, and I can’t argue with the results: They were all reading CS Lewis by age six, and several of them were writing their first novel by age seven.  It’s fun, the jingles are memorable, the consumable workbooks are colorful, and the rewards are cute. And the sequential readers are outstanding, possibly my favorite aspect of the program, though that’s hard to pin down. I love being able to recommend something so unequivocally.  If you are looking for an effective phonics program, this one will not disappoint. It is worth every penny.



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