The End of Chapter One

It is important to note passages in the life of our family. Last week we faced a bitter-sweet passage, the ending to our first chapter as a foster family, when we said goodbye to the two foster boys who have been living with us since last September. We spent six-and-a-half months together, and it was wonderful getting to know them and have them become part of our family. In that time, we introduced them to church, scripture, liturgical and daily prayers, and classical music; watched oodles of documentaries; and taught the 7yo to read. We celebrated Christmas, several birthdays, and went on lots of family photo walks. We went to the ranch twice, spent lots of time with the Grands and even got to know the aunts, uncles, and cousins on both sides of the family! It was so rambunctious in my house with seven children and 4 adults (or 6 adults, 2 teens and 3 children, if you want to get technical) — my head fairly spun for the whole 6.5 months! 🙂 In the “Frozen Fever” short showing before Cinderella, there’s a line in the song that has become our family motto (especially at mealtimes): “There’s a fine line between chaos and a hullabaloo!”

The sweetest part of this passage was knowing how excited their mom was to have them home again, and how happy they were to hop in that car and drive away with her. We will miss having those lively little boys in our home, but we’re absolutely thrilled for this young family, and covet your prayers for them as they start a new chapter, and settle into the new normal of their family dynamics.

A silhouette version.

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