Regarding Tuesday

Despite the unanimous vote of my students to continue their “spring break” throughout the Octave of Easter, our Administrator overruled them and set us back to school today. We do have some catching up to do, as thus far, this school year has been rather tumultuous and hard to concentrate, so I can hardly disagree too strenuously. And so it was decreed, and so it was done.

In the latter part of the afternoon, I did something I have not done in almost 10 years. I went to the chiropractor. Both Megan and I have been needing to see someone, and I had been wanting so much to go to Dr. Kilcup, with whose wonderful family we became acquainted through MoezArt; but alas, I had to find an in-network doctor and hope for the best. I was in a lot more pain than I realized, and after a thorough working-over today, I’m on an icing regimen for the next few days, and back for another visit Thursday. Hopefully with a few regular treatments and some stretching at home we can get me sorted. Even in-network, these visits are not cheap, but I’ve waited long enough to take care of it… any longer and it could get seriously expensive!

I arrived home with barely enough time to have a little supper before leaving again to take Geneva over to our parish Saint Vincent de Paul food pantry where she works on Tuesdays with her dad, and then I got to do something I have wanted to do for ever so long – attend Tuesday mass. I was especially happy that this was a night I could attend because my Laurent was cantoring (her first time at the cathedral). It is really a beautiful space in which to sing, and she did a lovely job, chanting entirely a capella throughout. There are many styles of music, and while some vocalists can glide to and fro between genres with ease, most tend to find a particular niche that suits their voice and style. More and more as I listen to her and as she grows in skill and confidence, I believe that Laurent was born to sing sacred and early music. I’m so thankful for the training she’s received and the experience she has gained in singing in the Cathedral Choir! I look forward to how she will continue to develop and what the Lord will be doing with her gifts, as I know she means to offer them to the Church.

My photo du jour is one I took back in February when Vicki was here, while visiting the Japanese Friendship Gardens. I was playing with textures today and liked how this turned out.


3 thoughts on “Regarding Tuesday

  1. springingtiger

    You might want to try Kinetic Chain Release, there are practitioners in the USA, whether in your area I do not know. Check the KCR Facebook page.

    1. Annette Heidmann Post author

      Interesting! I checked out the website — I wish there were someone closer than Minnesota, Maine or Pennsylvania. Hopefully it will spread west in time.

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