A Little Midweek Fun

This past week has been blessedly an open-the-windows-and-let-the-breezes-blow-through kind of week – likely the last we shall have before the oppressive desert heat arrives for the summer. So I was determined not to waste the opportunity to get outside and enjoy it with the kids.

To that end, we took Wednesday afternoon off and made for the hills – or the foothills, at any rate. I wanted to explore Estrella Mountain Regional Park, since I’ve spent almost no time there since moving to AZ almost 18 years ago (… wow, that’s a long time). I had looked at the map some, and got the gist of how to get there,¬†and then I had Laurent help me navigate on the way.

Well, that was a bit of a mistake, as she tends to get turned around when looking at maps. We ended up at the opposite end of the park that I thought we should have been, so it was a little confusing and not what I expected. But we still managed to have a pleasant drive, complete with many turnings around and much laughter about the mix-ups – and get a few pictures as well, though most of them were just off the side of the road where we stopped because there were two impressively huge saguaros begging to be photographed.

Next time (and there will be a next time) we will try to find the other end of the 19,840 acre park, and maybe even hike one of the easier trails.


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