Something different, something NEW!

I know, I know. I revamp my website with alarming frequency. BUT! I’m having fun with it, and plus, self expression… or something.

Anyway! You can browse around and see a few of these little updates:

  • New front page sidebar, with special devotions that I am particularly loving right now, including –
    • St. Peregrine, Patron saint of cancer patients
    • St. Jude, Patron saint of impossible causes
    • St. Monica, Patroness of married women, mothers, and alcoholics
    • St. Catherine of Alexandria, Patroness of philosophers, students, and barristers — and my confirmation saint, chosen because, though I’d love to be a philosopher, I really only aspire to learn, as long as I live, more about philosophy, doctrine, and theology. So we’ll call me a lifelong student!
  • Brand new About Nettie page!
  • This is really cool — take your cursor over to the sidebar and find the Categories and just hover around over that box — isn’t that fun? I could do that all day. And if you click, it will actually take you to the posts in whatever category you accidentally landed on. (Ok, so it’s not that great for picking out the one category you are looking for, but common, it’s totally groovy anyway.)
  • Last but not least, there’s a Facebook “like” box, which you should click if you are on Facebook (and who isn’t on Facebook, right?), and while you’re at it, invite a friend who might “like” Nettie’s World too! Spread the love, people! 🙂

That’s it for the moment. More developments in the offing, so stay tuned!

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