Registration and Consternation

A little bit about my adventures today. Today was the day I planned to take Geneva over to GCC and complete her registration for the fall semester. Having done this before I felt more than adequately prepared for the task, and in truth, it was rather streamlined by comparison to previous attempts. We had all our paperwork ready (transcript and placement results), Geneva had her ID and SS #s ready, she had all her classes chosen and had the class section numbers and everything. With the availability of so much of the catalog online, we didn’t even need to sit down with an adviser. Further research into the music programs revealed that the best fit for our girl, Music Business and Audio Production Technologies, require the courses she was already planning to take.

The only hitch in the registration process was that they need us to mail in the transcript, rather than hand it directly to them. Why? I do not know. But I shall, of course, comply.

Lickity-split, we had our newest Gaucho registered, paid her first semester tuition, and were off to the book store to buy her books. Hitch number two was that none of the fall semester books are even on the shelves yet, so we’ll deal with that later.

Geneva walked back to the van with me just to grab her drink, and then set off across campus to hit the music rooms and do some practice/recording. I made my way home, and had just walked in the door and set my bag down when she texted to say that the practice rooms were full and there were wait lines, and it was all trombones and opera singers, and she really didn’t think that recording would work well with that much competition, so I hopped back in the van and went to get her.

Half way there, I realized I was nearly out of gas, so on our way home, we stopped at our usual QT and filled the tank. I got back in the van, turned the key, and nothing. No click, no rrrrr, no nothing.

Not cool.

I got out my phone to try to call my husband, and it said there was no service! Geneva had service, I did not. I don’t know what that was about, but I was just happy she was along and had her phone so we could call first Paul, and then AAA roadside assistance. They were there in 20 minutes, and rather than a tow, he determined I just needed a jump start to get moving again. I assured him I would not stop the engine until we reached the driveway, thanked him, and said farewell.

While we were waiting, I had also called on Laurent to come meet us there should we need a tow, since the cabs of tow trucks can be rather cramped, and it was only a few blocks to our house. She arrived just as we were finishing with the tow guy, so we hailed her and let her know it was all good and headed home.

May I just say, I love AAA. So worthwhile to have that assurance that if anything goes wrong, for any of us that drive in this family, we will be ok.


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