A little off my game…

Something about this very full week has thrown me off my game. Normally there would have been at least three posts already this week, and some scripture posts as well, but I’m not myself right now. The image above should give you a clue as to why.

Here’s a recap of all the events on all the days thus far.


  • There was a great, fabulous, eminently memorable Monday with Geneva’s college registration.
  • I can’t remember anything else about that day, it’s too long ago. Brain fog. Blurg.



  • Junior’s Birthday! He turned 4 years old! 🙂
  • We were prepared for a full day Tuesday, but the morning brought:
    • an appointment cancellation due to illness,
    • and a piano teacher that mysteriously failed to appear at the appointed time (we don’t yet know whether our wires were crossed or whether something came up);
  • Laurent and Junior had a fun trip the library and came home with lots of books and videos (one of which, I’m sorry to say, the puppy chewed up pretty badly, and although the disc is fine, I’m sure we will have to reimburse them for the damage).
  • Geneva’s class on The Consecrated Life at St. Thomas the Apostle was in the evening, so we left early, picked up Megan from SSJ, grabbed an on-the-go snacky-supper at QT, and made the trek across town to the Biltmore neighborhood.
  • During her class, I took Megan, Jacob, and Junior to a nearby Safeway where Junior had great fun choosing which cake and decorations he wanted for his birthday dinner, which wont be until Thursday, when everyone has the evening at home.



  • Geneva’s Birthday! Her 17th, to be precise. A most sublime, if under-appreciated milestone. 🙂
  • I did not like to have to do this, but my back has been hurting more and more every day. Chronic low back pain has been something I dealt with for 20 years, but I became very concerned when I started feeling sharp, burning pain in my spine. I hate calling Doctors almost more than I hate pain… almost, but not quite. So I put on my big-girl pants and my most resolute demeanor, and called the doctor’s office. My doc was unable to fit me in, but I managed to score an appointment with the Family Nurse Practitioner at 2:15. For a variety of reasons, I needed to bring Junior along, so I also had Geneva come to mind him during the appointment, which I hoped would be brief. Hoped is the operative word, but I couldn’t be sure, so I advised G to bring her choir binder just in case it went long, and we needed to go straight to church afterward.
  • Prescient would be one word for that advice. After seeing the FNP, she ordered a blood workup, so I had to go wait for the lab to fit me in. I thought I would be waiting forever outside that room, where someone even more needle-phobic than I was having 14 tubes drawn! **14!!** Poor lady. I suddenly felt very mighty and brave by comparison, and when another nurse took pity on my wait and took me to another room to do my draw, I was positively delighted to suffer only 3 sticks (though one was very painful) before she got a good vein.
  • I got out of there around 4:30, and needed to go across the street to the medical imaging facility for a full set of spinal X-rays before I was done. I decided to reward Junior’s excellent behavior (and deal with his suddenly crashing blood sugar) with a stop at 7-11 before we went for the X-rays. That worked brilliantly, he was back in peppy form in short order, and the wait was almost non-existent at that time of day for the X-rays, so we were done by 5:20 and on the road. And of course, there was no point in driving 30 minutes to get home and then getting right back in the car to take Geneva to her 6:30 rehearsal, so straight to church we went, and then finally, home.
  • I did not go out and get my three prescriptions for pain medication last night, because frankly, I’d had all I could handle for the day. I had some leftover from when I had that cellulitis a while back, so I took 1 Naproxen and went to bed early.



  • Slept in after an early night, something that never, ever happens. Guess my body overruled my all-too-busy mind for once.
  • Took Megan and Junior to Walmart so he could buy something of his own choosing with birthday money from Grandma (he chose a Captain America Shield!).
  • Home for a while, working with Jacob on school.
  • Relaxing the back.
  • Checking my online medical records all day to see if there is any news about my blood work and x-rays. None so far.
  • Frosted the cake that Geneva made and froze earlier today.
  • Next up – make BIRTHDAY DINNER, and when the girls get home from work,
  • And later, hopefully, work on my photos. You’ll note that this post has no pics. This feels very wrong, very wrong indeed, but alas, I haven’t yet mastered how to get from Linux to the VM (where, using Windows 7, I can work with Photoshop). I need another tutorial so I can get at those any old time I want.


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