Potential Fulfilled

Sundays are invariably a day filled with potential. Potential mini-dramas, such as the child who wont eat anything you offer for breakfast, and therefore you can predict almost to the minute when his low blood sugar will kick in during mass; or discovering at exactly the minute we are walking out the door to go to church, “Why, oh WHY does this child have only one of every pair of shoes?”.


This screen capture was taken from early in the mass, and already I was sitting by myself while Jacob kindly managed the excitable 4yo so I would not injure myself chasing him down.

Then come the potential mega-dramas that consist of epic meltdowns erupting during mass, requiring the removal of the tantrum thrower from the building. Some days, you get all the dramas packed into one, and you just have to roll with it.

But with the potential for drama and frustration, there is also the potential for repentance and restoration. And when that sweet little one asks forgiveness, my heart melts every time, and I am so reminded of our Heavenly Father, who loves to enfold us in His arms and unfailingly forgive, every time we come to him with a contrite heart.


The Cathedral Choir, singing the Mass No. 2 in G major, D 167 by Schubert, with Geneva on the left, and Laurent and Megan just off-screen on the right.

Finally, each Sunday we of course have the potential to worship God in spirit and in truth when we “Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise.” (Psalm 100:4) Today was such a special occasion of worship for our parish, as we were blessed with a tremendous musical gift, as the choir sang Schubert’s Mass No. 2 in G major, D 167 accompanied by a chamber orchestra at both the 9 and 11am Masses. Motets included Mozart’s Ave Verum and modern composer Robert Parker’s O Sacrum Convivium.

I felt that special pang of beauty mixed with nostalgia as I listened to the opening strains of the Mozart with string accompaniment. It brought back vivid memories of playing the same music with my brothers and mother in our family string ensemble years ago.

And, not for the first time, nor likely the last, I felt such deep gratitude to God for giving a love of music to my daughters, and the additional gift of singing at the Cathedral and learning so much about sacred choral music in the process. Seeing their potential fulfilled week by week is a joy too profound for my words to encompass.

I would love to have a good recording of our wonderful musicians from this morning, but since the tv mics are so utterly sub-optimal, I offer this excellent performance instead. 🙂

Franz Schubert – Mass No. 2 in G major, D 167

Ludmila Vernerova, soprano. Richard Sporka, tenor. Roman Janal, bass. Roman Janal, bass. Virtuosi di Praga, Prague Chamber Orchestra. Conductor, Romano Gandolfi.
Franz Schubert – Mass No. 2 in G major, D 167
I. Kyrie
II. Gloria
III. Credo
IV. Sanctus
V. Benedictus
VI. Agnus Dei

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  1. paulyho39

    Yes…it was too wonderful for words! I was overcome with love and gratitude to God…for His love, and for His gift of such glorious music for us to worship with. So glad the granddaughters were able to sing this, too! Praise be to God!

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