June, at a Glance

The first part of June has been a virtual summer camp at Heidmann West, as we had a bunch of extra young people staying with us for three weeks. They’re fantastic kids, and we had a great time with them. We miss their presence already, but we are gradually returning to normal.

Getting back into a regular schedule, including a sensible amount of screen time for boys who have gotten used to video gaming many more hours a day than is truly healthy, is a process. Today, the process includes, for the little boy, transitioning from the Supertux on mom’s computer to Starfall on the Kindle – and som new library books; and for the big boy, oh the maths he will math…

Here are a few pix from the ranch trip earlier this month. I didn’t get to go along this time, but from the looks of it, the kids and Paul had a great time. They got to do some shooting on Friday, and went to El Morro on Saturday, a beautiful and fascinating monument. On the way home they stopped at the bottom of the Salt River Canyon to splash around in the river. Some even made it to the other side! Even though these were cell phone pics, I still managed to have some fun with them. 🙂





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