4th of July Weekend — Friday morning

Oh how wonderful and marvelous a thing it is to have had a three-day weekend with my WHOLE family at the ranch!  It has been months and months and MONTHS since all of us have been able to go together! Such a thing is rare now, with grown children. I’m so delighted that they still love to come along!

Our Independence holiday was a very stormy one, with much rain, thunder and lightning, and not even one sunset to be had. In fact, the wood pile was so wet, we didn’t even manage a campfire. AND YET, just being together, enjoying the unusually green countryside, playing in the rain and getting muddy, cooking our hot dogs and taters on the cook stove instead of the fire, hiking on the roads instead of across country (to avoid getting mired in the thick clay-mud), spending an afternoon in the mountains, writing in journals, reading Tim Powers, playing card games — we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

Here are a few pics from Friday morning around the ranch. I’m itching to post the adorable pics of Junior, but those will have to wait just a little bit longer.

(Nota Bene: There be captions! Click the i to read them.)

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