4th of July Weekend – Friday Afternoon (Squirrel Spring)

Off to the White Mountains we went on Friday afternoon, to explore a few more places we have never seen before. Our first stop was at the Squirrel Spring trailhead. The first thing that caught my attention was that we parked right next to the most B-E-A-Utiful red Rubicon. I had to take a picture. The color made me want to cry, but I shook it off. The spring itself, surrounded by lush foliage and beautiful aspens, spouted out of a rusty pipe and ran off under a picturesque bridge and on down the mountain.The dogs did not heed the warning that the water was not drinkable… but Gwinny did enjoy plopping herself right down in the middle of the stream on the cool clover. Once again, I got many adorable pics of Junior that you all have to wait to see. 😀


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