4th of July Weekend – Friday Afternoon (Mountain Scenery)

After Squirrel Spring, we continued wandering around in the White Mountains, and took a drive through the very picturesque valley of Greer, AZ. From there we continued on until we found Sunrise Lake. The mist upon the mountains was enchanting, and we stopped to take pictures of it along the highway.

There were heavy clouds over the lake when we arrived, though there were still some fishers along the lake’s edge, and one intrepid family setting off across the lake in a row boat. We climbed up the dike along one edge of the lake, and hiked along it until we reached the woods. The trees were enormous and had the weather cooperated, a much more lengthy exploration would have been greatly enjoyed by all. As it was, we barely had a chance to skim the edges, peering longingly into the mysterious gloom, before the thunder rumbled and raindrops began to fall.

We gathered our troops and headed back down the mountain, having been refreshed by chilly winds whipping across the water, and by the mountain beauty.


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