4th of July Weekend – Saturday Around the Ranch

Saturday we stayed close to home, mostly by necessity since the ferocious looking skies not only threatened rain, they fulfilled their promise repeatedly. Between thunderstorms, Geneva and I tried to go for a driving lesson, which was only moderately successful since we came all too soon to a portion of the road with standing water and mud that I did not want to risk driving through even with the Izuzu Rodeo. The venture wasn’t a total loss, as Geneva got to honk at cows lying in the road, and also experience the joys of fishtailing.

Back at the ranch, I was outside looking at the skies, when I turned and managed to get my camera barely focused as a canine melee erupted between Gwinny, Ambrose, and the neighbor dog, Lucky. Gwinny was remarkable put out for some reason, I guess she thought the proud little Chihuahua needed to be taken down a peg. It didn’t take much — she’s pretty convincing when she wants to be.

The afternoon brought some quality time at the shooting range. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I actually got to fire my Ruger… need to practice more often, I hit 8/10 the first clip, and then 2/10 the second. Not so good. The kids had a good time, as always, and mugged for the camera when it wasn’t their turn to shoot.

Our last night of the weekend, July 4th, the skies were just starting to clear, but the firewood was too wet to bother with a campfire. We ended the day with sandwiches and chips, and a walk down to the mud canyon with the dogs and Junior. He got thoroughly muddy jumping and splashing in large puddles in the road, and came back to the cabin shivering but happy. The only glimpse of sunset the whole weekend was over a mesa far to the south.

We planned to get up around 4 Sunday morning, but we all kind of woke up about ten minutes early and thus were on the road before sunrise. We made it to the bottom of the Salt River Canyon by 7am, which afforded us a little stop to run the dogs and get the wiggles out (though not one which involved fording the river, thankfully). Despite the rainy weekend, we were all well satisfied with our get away, and so thankful as always for time together, and a safe ride home again.


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