Nettie and the terrible, awful, no good, very bad day

For days such as these ….

  • Rising yesterday at dawn to get self and darling Geneva out the door to 8am Dentist appointments
  • Scheduling appointments for 2 fillings and 1 crown replacement
  • Running from there to pick up darling Goddaughter and her bambino
  • From there, taking darling Goddaughter to run an errand across town
  • Taking darling Goddaughter back home to make lunch and do some paperwork
  • Finding out upon arriving home that Jr. had been very sick indeed, coughing till he threw up all over himself and darling Megan (who subsequently began feeling the effects of the germ), and was having a terrible time breathing
  • Taking darling Goddaughter and her bambino home so the contagion would not spread to them
  • Coming back home and calling the doctor, who mercifully had an opening at 3
  • Taking darling boy to the doctor (1/2 hour drive away) with darling Geneva along because she needed to go somewhere afterward and I didn’t know if I’d have time to go all the way home to take her
  • After giving darling boy a breathing treatment in the office, going across the street to have chest x-rays done to see if he had pneumonia
  • Driving darling Geneva to church so she could meet her dad and work an SVdP shift
  • Heading home at last with precious little sickie-pie to finally rest while awaiting word on the x-rays (no pneumonia, thanks be to God)
  • Blessing the day that the wondrous and amazing gift of an adult daughter (Laurent) was born, when she volunteered to run to the pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions
  • Learning (again) what a very big challenge it can be to get medicine into a 4 year old child
  • Ending the day thankful that my boy could breath again, yet not supremely thrilled with how my attention to the diet went

…. yes, for days such as these, we give thanks for the sustaining hand of God the Father, and the mighty prayers of the Blessed Mother, who is often called Our Mother of Perpetual Help.



Our Mother of Perpetual Help

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3 thoughts on “Nettie and the terrible, awful, no good, very bad day

  1. paulyho39

    What with your busy “run-around” day, sick Beedo and all, I hardly saw you yesterday! So glad Beedo is better today…know I I found out? Loud running and hollering around the house early this a.m.! Glad he’s better!

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