Home Sweet Home!

Happiness of happiness, my darling Geneva came home today from her quick trip to Minnesota. Ten days is not too long, but still, the house seemed very different without her presence, her laughter, her music.  Along with her, she brought her cousin Emma, who will be staying with us for a whole month! Joy for us, but of course, I am empathizing with her mama, her daddy, and all her siblings, both little and big, who will miss her mega-watt personality (and of course, helpfulness with chores and babysitting). Thankfully there are ways and means of keeping in touch. The kids have already skyped – or is it hung out? I don’t know but they were having a great time of it anyway.

Here are a few pics from our evening after supper, when the kids were doing the dishes. (Yes, I put them right to work as soon as they got here – at least, all but Geneva, who had to make up for 10 lost days of piano practice before her lesson tomorrow morning! I figured I could let her “off the hook” this once.)

Tomorrow we’ll be taking off again – the ranch association meeting is this Friday, and Paul has to be there to preside as president. So excited to show Emma the ranch and give her the Carrizo experience! 🙂

Back with pix on Sunday. Peace out, Peeps!


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