Heidmanns Gotta Party!

Time slipped away from me in the last two weeks! Just so busy with our new little girls, and then I injured my back this last week and was laid up most of the week – but I’m back in the saddle and have some pics to share.

Saturday 9/26 we had the cousins (aka Heidmann East) over for a little adoption party. Efrain got to help make cupcakes and even mixed the blue into the frosting. It was just a really fun time with family, a time to celebrate the beauty of becoming an adoptive family — like my B&SIL, Jon and Jess, and their four fantasticĀ children! They also brought along their other nephew, Lakota, and between our seven, plus Faith, plus their five, and Jon and Jess and Oma and Grumple Jeff and Paul and me, and what with party hats and hot dogs, balloons and confetti, a Spider-Man Cake that was nearly a disaster, and Star Wars theme presents, including a fuzzy blanket, a Darth Vader Helmet bank, and a lightsaber, well – it was quite the hootenanny!

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