First day: Nailed it.

Even if I was worried, I am no more.

I mean, yes, I admit I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep, made coffee early, made sure to wake him up promptly at 6 and not let him sleep more than 15 more minutes. But once he was up, Jake owned today. Drank his coffee and did some reading, got dressed in time, had all his stuff together, was focused and ready for the day. We met his counselor at the office about 10 minutes before class, I said farewell and I walked back to the van with my heart tumbling with a little excitement and a lot of pride that he was so chilled about it all.

When I went to pick him up, I found him happy and relaxed. He loves it! I told him to write something about his day, and here’s what he said, in part:

[It] Was pretty good, I think I’m going to enjoy it immensely. I think there is a temporal anomaly surrounding the building, because time passes differently there. Four hours felt more like one hour. So first class was math, with Mr. Maragh. [pronounced like mirage, so I’m still not convinced he’s a real person] He’s a pretty fun guy, and the class is laid back. the students give him candy and things all the time, and he spent some of the class being distracted by conversations about sports and making terrible puns.

Equally ebullient about his other two classes, he said he almost wished he was going to be going full time right away!

Then he came home, went for two walks during the afternoon, finished his math homework, helped me load up the littles to go for a little drive before supper, shopped for milk and eggs while I waited with them in the car, and then came home and made them supper so I could relax.

I’m lovin’ this new kid of mine! 😀

We’re off to a very good start. Thanks be to God.


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