The New Normal

It’s a common phrase these days, but so apropos. We’ve all been adjusting to our “new normal” over the last two weeks, as we settle in to Jacob’s schedule. It means up before 6am every day, dropping him off by 7:45, picking him up at noon, and sometimes bringing all the little kiddos along, depending on who is at home that can watch them for me. By far the biggest adjustment has been for Jacob in getting to bed before midnight every night, and up in the morning so unconscionably early. He’s long taken advantage of the legendary leisure of the home-school environment to stay up late and sleep in equally late. Those days are so over! 😀

I’ve been branching out in my photo editing experimentation this week. Since my camera is dead, I’m looking for new ways to get my artistic fix, and have been enjoying a freebie $4 editing plugin that produces a painterly edit. There are dozens of refinements and filters to try, so I have a lot of enjoyment ahead. Here are a few I’ve done so far.


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