Dobbins Lookout, March 2016

On the evening of March 3rd (which happened to be my esteemed husband’s birthday!), we took advantage of our in-house babysitting crew to manage the littles while Vicki, Paul and I took a little jaunt up South Mountain in hopes of getting some epic sunset photos. It turned out to be a very overcast evening, and the liklihood of seeing anything spectactular dwindled the longer we were there until finally we left to go grab a little birthday supper at Pei Wei. While we were on our way down the mountain, we rounded a corner and suddenly the sky exploded in dazzling pinks and oranges. We left too soon! Here are the pics I got up on top, though, and I like a few of them a lot (and the ones I didn’t like as much, I fixed until I liked them. Artist’s prerogative!)

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