Easter Party

Easter being so very early this year, we were able to celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa before they left to return to the land of the Frozen North. Jon and Jess invited us all out to their east valley acreage for a day of festivities. There, we had plenty of time and space for the kids to run around, do an Easter egg hunt, eat more candy than anybody ever should, and play with baby chicks, while all of us oldsters hung out in the shade, took pictures, and snacked our faces off (there were, like, 96 deviled eggs to get through, it was hard work…).  It was a wonderful time. Before any of that, all the kids gathered on the porch to listen to Uncle Paul explain the Easter Story. Sometime in the middle of it all, Auntie Jess painted funny bunny faces. And afterward, I was feted with the creme pies my kiddos made, and got early-birthday flowers, and felt very blessed to be with family.


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