World Premier!

I wish I could give you a moment-by-moment account of Geneva’s spring recital this afternoon, but alas, I cannot. Anyone who has ever had children of widely varying ages knows the reality of having to juggle who will stay home with the small ones. We can’t all do everything, so we learn to take turns. Last time, I got to attend the recital and Paul didn’t (although that time it was because he was in an all-day Saturday class for Kino). This time it was definitely his turn to hear his daughter perform, so I stayed at home with the youngest kiddos, while extracting a solemn vow from him to get the performance on video.

He came through for me beautifully, and I am so, so proud to show you this remarkable young woman, playing the “world premier” of two of her own arrangements: “Secrets” by Ryan Tedder, followed by “Killer Queen” by Freddie Mercury.

This is a girl who started her musical training “late” at 14, yet she has progressed at incredible speed in 3.5 years from playing by ear, but barely reading notes, to playing classical works, as well as composing completely original works, arranging covers like these, and studying electronic music in her first year of college. From the beginning I have said that there could not be a better teacher for Geneva than William. He gets her, he connects with her creative drive and knows how to foster it, to inspire her and challenge her. What a gift!

Geneva Will Pic

William Buthod with Geneva after the recital.

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