Books, books, books…

Oh, the ecstasy and agony of books!

If you’re like our family, you can’t live without them, but you also can’t find enough room for them. Over the past months of upheaval in living arrangements, finding room for people has taken precedence over making room for our library. It was never really the same after the fire, when we lost the wall sized bookshelf:


We tried using the silver shelves, and that worked alright while we had an office…

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However, since the office had to be re-purposed as our bedroom, almost our entire library has been in storage – out of sight, out of mind. And that is a situation with which I cannot be sanguine.

I know it will be a nightmare to keep in order, but weighing the alternatives, keeping track of books is a preferable insanity to having no books at all.  We simply must have our books back where we can lay both our eyes and our hands on them. Thus begins the Heidmann Library Re-installation. Lord, have mercy…





My hope is to fit most of what we need on these two 48″ x 18″ shelves, and with access from both sides it doubles the shelf space. Stay tuned for pics of the new look!

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