Celebrations of June

For many months, a sweet little girl with breathless anticipation of her 4th birthday, has been asking me, several times a day, to recite the month and day (and every other birthday in the family) to the point that I am now easily able to rattle them all off flawlessly whenever asked to do so at, for instance, the doctor’s office, the dentist, or for any and all registration forms. “Repetition is essential” Pastor Steve Rutt used to say (and doubtless still does!), and darling Lyssa has perfected that teaching method.

Anyway, her special day finally arrived in June, and because I had no possible alternative but to remember it, having the date vividly stamped in neon upon my frontal lobe, we were able to celebrate her with all due pomp and frou-frou. Unfortunately I did not get a proper photo of the puffy emoji beany bag she received, because less than 12 hours later the dog had ripped it to shreds. Do you know, any of you at all, what precisely the “beanies” are made of that are contained inside the emoji beany bags? Yes, that’s right, they are Styrofoam!!¬† And my friends, you have not lived until you have had to clean up several gallons of Styrofoam puffies after a bounding puppy has shaken them thoroughly in a children’s bedroom, and then the children came in and turned on the fan, and then threw them up in the air and made beanie-angels on the floor. They were static-stuck to pretty much every inch of that room, including the bedding (yes, even the top bunk), the toys in the toybox, you name it,¬†plus the hallway outside and out into the other rooms and main area. Un.Be.Lievable.

Nobody in this family has the slightest prayer of ever getting a beanie bag again as long as I am the mother around here.

Anyway, I did snap a few shots on the party day, and I think I got one shot here as well from the first day of summer home-school (which by the way went really well, all summer long!). The last pic was taken on Father’s Day – I think before Dad took all the kids to a swim-park.

Geneva asked for a few headshots after she got her cool asymmetrical haircut, so I happily obliged. I love her face, in all it’s countless configurations.


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