The Super Summer Extravaganza Mega Heidmann Birthday Blowout

So, we have a lot of birthdays in the summer months – between our house and the East Valley Heidmanns, I count… lessee, from May through August we have:

  1. Efrain
  2. Geneva
  3. Lyssa
  4. Megan
  5. Jordan
  6. Jadyn
  7. Jenna
  8. Joe
  9. Lakota

Yeah, with a count that high it’s practically Christmas. Obviously, it deserves a Super Summer Extravaganza Mega Heidmann Birthday Blowout! We got to drive out to Jon and Jessica’s house at the foot of the Superstition mountains for the party, and oh the fun the kids had – with a kiddy pool and plenty of water to keep them cool, and water-melon and Takis for snacking, and hot diggity dogs and of course cake and ice cream for dessert – it was truly epic, and bound to be repeated annually.


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