Yesterday, after dropping Efrain at his first day of Pre-K at Ss. Simon and Jude, I made a trek to north Phoenix, an area I have barely even touched in the nearly two decades we’ve lived in Arizona. I had a mission: to find the Archway Classical Academy, and meet up with our friend Jen, who works there, so she could deliver some baby things for Baby Ruben. She is THE sweetest lady ever, and as soon as she found out we were soon to have a baby boy, she (already in her last month of pregnancy with her own baby boy) went through her stash of baby clothes and offered to share with us from her abundance. What a blessing!

I brought Jacob along with me and while driving we were able to have some good discussion regarding his readings in “Understanding Scripture.” Granted it took a peculiar turn into the metanarratives of various super-hero storylines, but nonetheless, conversations with Jacob are never dull. On the way we stopped and picked up an iced coffee for Jen from Dunkin’ Donuts (and of course, got one for ourselves, and a couple of donuts too), so it was an enjoyable drive.

When we got home, there was much delight amongst the wee girlies to see each and every tiny onesie and hat, the blankies, and the cute littleĀ sleepers and shoes.

I feel like we are a little closer to prepared now for this little guy. Please pray with usĀ that he will grow strong enough to come home and see his big brothers and sisters.

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