Excuse me while I kiss this guy…

This has been a busy week of running to the hospital over and over in hopes that our Baby Ruben would be released, only to find that no, he’s not quite ready. The concerns revolved around his O2 sats primarily, and as he was premature, they just favored caution. So Tuesday we went to the hospital, stayed for a couple of hours, loved and cuddled him, and came home without the baby. Wednesday we went to the hospital, stayed for about 3 hours, got trained on how to use the monitors and oxygen, but came home without the baby.¬†Finally, on Thursday, Ruben came home to ten¬†big brothers and sisters waiting eagerly at home.

I want to tell you all the things, but it’s been such a whirlwind of adjustment, and the details fade. I will say this: it is far more exhausting and far more rewarding than I even remembered. Especially balancing all the other aspects of the family while remembering how to mommy a newborn, compounded by the complexities of monitors and oxygen tubes that must be on at all times and go with us anywhere we go. I am so very graced with loving helpers though, it is impossible to overstate the blessings of my husband and older children. Laurent has stepped in as my official nanny/mother’s helper/Mary Poppins, assisting with all the children in various ways, housework, paperwork, appointments, you name it. I would be lost without her!

Most of all, words fail utterly to convey the love we all have instantly shared for this precious wee soul. Just look.

What a tremendous honor, privilege, and responsibility it is to care for these beautiful children. May God give us the grace to be worthy.

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