Of Bugs ‘N’ Campfires

Our weekend at the ranch was timed to coincide with a Carrizo Ranch Association board meeting. Since Paul is president of the association, it falls to him to schedule and host the meetings, and he’d scheduled this oneĀ for Saturday morning at our cabin.

This was our first time bringing little Ruben to the ranch, and since he’s still not sleeping through the night, it seemed prudent that I stay in town with him for ease of – well, everything. Laurent and I ended up also taking 2-yo Ellie with us, since it was likely she would fuss in the cabin if I wasn’t there.

But, before we headed back into town Friday night, we had a good afternoon of hanging around the ranch, letting the kids run all over the 41 acres and play with bugs, and of course a nice campfire to finish off the day.

The sunset was particularly brilliant in color, thanks to quite a bit of smoke hanging in the air. We never did find out what had been burning, but it was all gone by morning.

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