While the board members were meeting at our cabin on Saturday morning, I thought it prudent to remove the hoard of children from the immediate vicinity and take them on a little sightseeing tour of the ranch. I had noted when we drove in on Friday that the salt cedars in the Carrizo Wash were aflame with gold, and felt a profound need to go with my camera and soak up that color.

We loaded up Big Red and took off down the Loop-de-Loo (a really great roller-coastery stretch of road) and across the Butterfly (a curvy stretch of road that cuts across a section of land instead of running round the edges in right angles) – and right atop a hill in the middle of the Butterfly I found a perfect vantage point for hopping out of the van and taking a few pics of the wash. I told the kids we could all get out, but we’d just stay by the van on this hilltop until I was done with the pics. Out of the van the streamed, headed for the edge of the hill, and poured over the edge like lemmings — down, down, down the slope to the wash until they disappeared into the trees below. I could only stand there, bereft, bemused, and bethumped that I could have been so foolhardy as to think mere words could hold them back.

Thankfully, they didn’t go too far before they decided to return, and I got some pretty pics in the meantime.

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