While sightseeing with the kiddos along the ranch roads and looking for the best vantage points to see the pretty golden foliage, the kids were looking at other things. I was outside the van for just a moment at one point, when they started hollering from inside about something. I came back to try to figure out what the hubbub was all about, and they were all screaming about a giant spider. Well it turned out to be nothing more than a baby tarantula tooling along the road beside the van, but I had to admit it was something rare. We didn’t succeed in getting any really excellent shots, mostly because that little bugger was fast, and I don’t really know how to get great speed shots yet. But it was thrilling for the kids to see and led naturally to talk of Shelob, which is always a fun topic to discuss with small children. Lol!

When we returned to the cabin, the meeting was finished and it was lunch time. We invited the sole remaining board member, our neighbor Gene, to stay for sandwiches. His cute little chihuahua, Prissy, was there with him, and Natalie fell in love with her.

After we supped, Paul took most of the kids down to Gene’s place so they could visit his goats and pigs, and feed them some leftovers. It was definitely a highlight for the kids!

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