Halloween 2016

There’s really not a lot to say about Halloween. We went with what I call the “Minimalist Superhero” theme, capes, masks, and of course, a bucket for each. The evening was well spent wandering around the neighborhood with Dad, while I sat in my traditional spot as candy distributor at the end of the driveway. I didn’t dress in my usual witchly attire this year because it was too dang hot for a velvet cloak and hat. But I had a good time greeting all the happy little families that came by early, and even the giant teenagers that came in the second shift. There was much good cheer all around the neighborhood, especially a few houses down from us where they went all out with the creepy decor, including dry ice fog and a scary monster that leaped out with a roar and chased screaming kids down the street. All good fun, and several from our house went back 4-5 times (they got candy each time, too!). Considering that our kiddos are pretty small, and Paul kept them close within a couple of blocks of our house, I think we gave out more than we got back, but the fun made it all worthwhile. We’re not in this for the haul: it’s about having a good time!

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