Ain’t it Grand!

Tis the season for family gatherings – the Grands have arrived back in Arizona! The weekend prior to this past, we had our first whoop-de-do since they got here, to celebrate JT’s 18th birthday. It was relaxed and fun hanging out and having a good old fashioned KFC chicken dinner, with baked potatoes, salsa, nacho cheese, and of course cake and ice cream for dessert.

Then on Saturday-last, they drove up to our place and hung out for a while, got to meet Ruben (and Sarah, who is nearly always at our house these days) for the first time, and here are the pictures of all THAT.

It truly is grand to have them back, and this time, for good. They have decided to move down to Arizona permanently in the spring, and we are so, so happy that the whole family will be staying together from now on. Thanks be to God!!

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