Giving Thanks

Our family time this year was altered slightly by a mis-hap and a misunderstanding. Earlier this week, Grandma Pat took a tumble off her bike and cracked a rib, and unsurprisingly, the aftermath of her accident kept her home from the gathering today. Grandpa was able to make it for a while¬†though, and for that we were very thankful. And, although we had misunderstood and thought a couple of cousins from the east valley might be able to make it (they had to work, apparently) we also had some additional guests to help us celebrate both Natalie’s 10th, and my dear mama’s 77th birthdays, which are back to back.

I am afraid my back was flaring up too much to take very many pictures today, but some obliging offspring grabbed a few, so we have these memories of the day. I am thankful for my big, beautiful family, which extends beyond blood, and for all the joy and goofiness and love we share. So many blessings.

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