Let’s Dress Up For Christmas

One of the perks of having children in traditional schools is that you get to attend their Christmas pageants, and even invite the grandparents! It’s especially fun for Efrain this year since Megan is one of the helpers in his class. During his last week of school before Christmas break, I brought the three littlest ones and Oma and met Grandpa and Grandma at the school and we had a delightful time watching the pre-Kindergartners perform their program entitled “Let’s Dress Up For Christmas!” Efrain was a Wise Man, and had a special part he spoke. He was so nervous in the morning, he told Megan he felt sick. Welcome to the wonderful world of performance jitters! But of course he and the class were well prepared, and they all did their parts beautifully.

One thought on “Let’s Dress Up For Christmas

  1. paulyho39

    That was a really cute program..and as I said after, I wanted to jump up and holler “Bravo” after , but I knew I would be too slow, so gave up on the idea!

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