Playing and Praying

I may have mentioned before that we’ve been a little busy? So, so much in my world right now goes – and must go – unreported. Trying to remember all the things that are flying at me each and every day is literally dizzying. All of them are tremendously important in our family life – weighty, sometimes desperately painful, and so many of them are not mine to share or explore in any way in this space. The honor and responsibility of being a mother to traumatized children, each one a universe of wonder and blessing, along with anger, hurt and fear, is complicated and not only time consuming but mentally and emotionally exhausting. Learning to help my amazing mom adjust to life after congestive heart failure, double bypass, and the new reality of being on dialysis for the rest of her life is such a privilege, one that I anxiously worry I am giving short shrift. Navigating my role in the new challenges of my adult children’s lives is equally, if not more, emotionally taxing than all of the above, as I have spent their entire lives investing myself in their spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. I have honestly never felt so great a need to pray, which of course is a great good in itself.

So let this be the summary of the rest of February: know that alongside the many smiles in the pictures below, there are many tears and hopes, sorrows, and prayers for grace, strength and continued healing. Our Lord provides what is needed right when it is needed, even though sometimes I faithlessly agonize in fear that help will never come. But He is faithful. Always faithful. Amen.

Here are some happy moments from the last couple of weeks.

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