And a great sigh of relief was heard throughout the land

The last few months have been extremely challenging for me as the head chauffeur around our house. Losing our minivan added not only all of Geneva’s college class schedule to my driving load, but all the other driving she would have possibly done for me. It’s been pretty much nonstop ever since – until Tuesday, when Paul and Geneva went and picked up a sparkling red 2003 Toyota Corolla with 177000 miles for a mere $2500 (thanks be to God for our tax return!). It’s so pretty, and Geneva tells me it has really cold AC, which is about the most important thing in AZ. Just today this new vehicle saved me 4 different trips in the big van (and that’s 4 trips the three littles didn’t have to endure either!). Join me in celebrating this blessing for our very busy family (and Geneva, who is finally FREEEEE!!!).

P.S. – the girls have named the new car “Meatball.”

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