There are many things in life that I can do without. Luxurious vacations, fancy clothes, me-time – I’m fine without any of that. But take away one of my Saturdays and the home falls apart. I would love to be able to do outings and host bar-b-ques or other family gatherings on Saturdays, but the honest truth is, so much housework, cleaning, organizing, and laundry must be done on that day –  losing even one Saturday out of a month means we fall so far behind that it requires bringing in additional help to get caught up. And that’s expensive!

So here’s to Saturdays when nobody has to go anywhere and we can focus on doing ALL the stuff. And here’s to older siblings who make it fun for the younger kids to help out – like when Megan took a break from the living room tidying to make good use of the birthday helium balloons and let everyone try singing like a chipmunk.


  • All hands on deck for tidying and sweeping
  • Refreshing all the bathroom trash cans
  • A wee Ellie reading to herself
  • Ruben playing with starlights
  • Fun with helium (3)
  • Ruben and Geneva doing a little baby-ballet
  • Just Ruben

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