All Hail the Graduates

I have been slowly learning my craft as a photographer over the last several years, discovering what I like to see in a photo, learning a little about composition, learning a little about how to transform my photos into an artistic expression with Photoshop, and delighting in seeing growth in my current favorite medium. So it is gratifying when, even though I am the furthest thing from a professional, someone requests that I do a photo shoot. I can honestly say it is rare that I feel comfortable enough to do something like this, but when I know my subjects well enough, it works. When the family approached me to do graduation photos for Monica and Sarah, I felt a familiar twinge of doubt, but I shoved it aside and said yes. I’m so glad I did – we had a wonderful time walking around downtown, and I love how the pics turned out. They are lovely girls and it was a joy to let their beauty and personalities shine.

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