Renaissance Festival Student Day – Part 6

Still on my way to the tournament, I found this green enclosure where people were busily preparing a meal of some kind, including what looked like fried fish (but I couldn’t smell fish so it must have been something else) and various bowls and platters of vegetables were sitting out on tables looking festive and drawing flies (I’m sure a common feature of dining in the middle ages).  Next door was a blacksmith shop, and next to that, a whole lot of women working with needles and spindles and one playing some music… then it was onward ho, till I reached the carillon!

(If you did not read my nota bene and other non-festival-related commentary, you can do so here.)

2 thoughts on “Renaissance Festival Student Day – Part 6

  1. Pauline Holston

    Love that guitar-lady’s wrought-iron music stand…with the high curved feet…to give her a “foot-rest” to help support her guitar while playing! Is that cool, or what???!!!!

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